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🎉 Outstanding papers 🎉

IWCS 2021 awarded three outstanding papers (not ordered). Check them out here!

Monotonicity Marking from Universal Dependency Trees
Zeming Chen and Qiyue Gao [PDF] [Video]

Is that really a question? Going beyond factoid questions in NLP
Aikaterini-Lida Kalouli, Rebecca Kehlbeck, Rita Sevastjanova, Oliver Deussen, Daniel Keim and Miriam Butt [PDF] [Video]

Builder, we have done it: Evaluating & Extending Dialogue-AMR NLU Pipeline for Two Collaborative Domains
Claire Bonial, Mitchell Abrams, David Traum and Clare Voss [PDF] [Video]

All Papers and Videos

Switching Contexts: Transportability Measures for NLP
Guy Marshall, Mokanarangan Thayaparan, Philip Osborne and André Freitas [PDF] [Video]

Applied Temporal Analysis: A Complete Run of the FraCaS Test Suite
Jean-Philippe Bernardy and Stergios Chatzikyriakidis [PDF] [Video]

CO-NNECT: A Framework for Revealing Commonsense Knowledge Paths as Explicitations of Implicit Knowledge in Texts
Maria Becker, Katharina Korfhage, Debjit Paul and Anette Frank [PDF] [Video]

Computing All Quantifier Scopes with CCG
Miloš Stanojević and Mark Steedman [PDF] [Video]

Encoding Abstractive Knowledge Transitivity for Zero-shot Science Question Answering
Zili Zhou, Marco Valentino, Donal Landers and André Freitas [PDF] [Video]

Predicate Representations and Polysemy in VerbNet Semantic Parsing
James Gung and Martha Palmer [PDF] [Video]

Critical Thinking for Language Models
Gregor Betz, Christian Voigt and Kyle Richardson [PDF] [Video]

Do Natural Language Explanations Represent Valid Logical Arguments? Verifying Entailment in Explainable NLI Gold Standards
Marco Valentino, Ian Pratt-Hartmann and André Freitas [PDF] [Video]

Looking for a Role for Word Embeddings in Eye-Tracking Features Prediction: Does Semantic Similarity Help?
Lavinia Salicchi, Alessandro Lenci and Emmanuele Chersoni [PDF] [Video]

Automatic Assignment of Semantic Frames in Disaster Response Team Communication Dialogues
Natalia Skachkova and Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova [PDF] [Video]

Implicit representations of event properties within contextual language models: Searching for "causativity neurons"
Esther Seyffarth, Younes Samih, Laura Kallmeyer and Hassan Sajjad [PDF] [Video]

Monotonicity Marking from Universal Dependency Trees
Zeming Chen and Qiyue Gao [PDF] [Video]

New Domain, Major Effort? How Much Data is Necessary to Adapt a Temporal Tagger To the Voice Assistant Domain
Touhidul Alam, Alessandra Zarcone and Sebastian Padó [PDF] [Video]

Breeding Fillmore’s Chickens and Hatching the Eggs: Recombining Frames and Roles in Frame-Semantic Parsing
Gosse Minnema and Malvina Nissim [PDF] [Video]

Large-scale text pre-training helps with dialogue act recognition, but not without fine-tuning
Bill Noble and Vladislav Maraev [PDF] [Video]

A Transition-based Parser for Unscoped Episodic Logical Forms
Gene Kim, Viet Duong, Xin Lu and Lenhart Schubert [PDF] [Video]

"Politeness, you simpleton!" retorted [MASK]: Masked prediction of literary characters
Eric Holgate and Katrin Erk [PDF] [Video]

Tuning Deep Active Learning for Semantic Role Labeling
Skatje Myers and Martha Palmer [PDF] [Video]

SemLink 2.0: Chasing Lexical Resources
Kevin Stowe, Jenette Preciado, Kathryn Conger, Susan Windisch Brown, Ghazaleh Kazeminejad and Martha Palmer [PDF] [Video]

Variation in framing as a function of temporal reporting distance
Levi Remijnse, Marten Postma and Piek Vossen [PDF] [Video]

Automatic Classification of Attributes in German Adjective-Noun Phrases
Neele Falk, Yana Strakatova, Eva Huber and Erhard Hinrichs [PDF] [Video]